OBELICS will develop innovative and reliable modelling approaches that are based on first principles (mechanistic, physical, electrochemical, electro-thermal, electromagnetic model basis), are real-time capable and allow for systematic scalability towards real-time models; systematic scalable approaches towards real-time models will also be elaborated within the project. Furthermore, it will ensure compatibility of the models between different components as well as development levels/phases.
OBELICS will investigate new and innovative model-based testing methods and tools which can be applied in HiL environments that are crucial for the development of e-powertrains, especially when it comes to higher needed frequencies for inverters, e-motors, batteries and reliability assessment of batteries (thermal, mechanical, electrical). Super-fast and efficient testing facilities that are able to emulate 20kHz arbitrary signal forms (using new SiC electronics) and voltages up to 1000V will be specified within this project. Furthermore, the testing methods and tools will consider real-life mission profiles. Testing prototypes and use cases will be used throughout the project to determine electrical, mechanical and thermal behaviour of e-drivetrain components and to validate testing methods and tools.