OBELICS at the iModBatt battery modelling workshop

On the 18th October 2019 there was a very well-organized workshop on battery modelling and testing in San Sebastian near CIDETEC facilities. Researchers from battery related research projects like iModBatt, GHOST, ADVICE, EVOLVE, HiFi-Elements, QUIET and others were invited. The workshop was opened by Mr. Luca Feola, Project Officer of both iModBatt and GHOST. Each project was presented by the coordinator or a partner of the project. In the further sequel, the presentations were discussed with the available high-level expertise forum to spread knowledge within the community and to review the results achieved so far.

After the presentation of the highlights of the invited H2020 projects, a round table was organized that focused on aspects related to customization of the battery design versus modularity and use of batteries after their first life. During the breaks and after the presentations there was a poster session to further intensify discussions and collaborations between the different projects. The interactive discussion was very lively, and the visions of how future mobility was likely to evolve or should evolve were sometimes quite different despite many similarities.

Among the 12 very interestingly presented project, surprisingly there were only 2 projects, namely OBELICS and HIFI-Elements, that researches on tools, methods and development processes itself, which form the basis for further investigations of new battery and vehicle concepts and therefore also for the other projects.
San Sebastian itself, respectively the Hotel Arima where the workshop took place, provided a pleasant environment and contributed to a very good atmosphere to discuss questions about application scenarios, future developments and potential further research topics.
Finally, the cell/battery-lab from CIDETEC was shown at a guided tour. The modern development environment and standards are continuously improved and modernized. OBELICS was represented at this workshop by the project coordinator Horst Pfluegl and the project innovation manager Tomaz Katrasnik.

The presentations and posters from the event can be downloaded by clicking here .