A: Deliverables

The results within the OBELICS project have been divided in 7 different categories, as listed below. The name of the report is directly linked to the full report (when public) or summary (when confidential).

1. Use cases, Requirements, Design Methods, Specify Demonstration & Evaluation Metrics.

Reference use cases and requirements for e-drive concept sizing (summary D1.1)
Reference use cases, requirements and metrics for battery design and testing (summary D1.2)
Reference use cases and requirements for E-motor control and inverter testing (summary D1.3)
Metrics to measure objectives (summary D1.4)
Reference use cases and requirements for e-vehicle system integration and optimization (summary D1.5)

2. Scalable Real-time Models & Parameter Identification (Battery, e-Motor and inverter).

Innovative battery modeling techniques (summary D2.1)
Innovative e-motor modelling techniques (Summary D2.2)
Innovative inverter modelling techniques (Summary D2.3)

3. System Model Integration & Modularity & e-drivetrain Concepts & Interfaces & Control Development, MiL, SiL & Efficiency Optimization.

Standardized Model Integration (D3.1)
Toy Models (D3.2)
Methods and tools for EV optimization (Summary D3.3)
Control calibration tools for real driving operations (Summary D3.4)
Models reductions and simplification (Summary D3.5)

4. Functional Testing & Test/System Integration Battery, eMotor, Invertor, FC for HiL, XiL.

Test specification for HF-inverters with e-motors (summary D4.1)
Battery test-specification development and test reports regarding battery assessment metrics (D4.2)
Methodology and scalable test description for HF-inverters with e-motors and batteries (summary D4.3)

5. Safety & Reliability & Functional Safety Assessment.

Safety concept (summary D5.1)
Description of models used for the virtual assessment (summary D5.2)
Advanced methodologies and strategies for assessing functional safety, reliability and safety (summary D5.3)
Baseline data of considered systems (summary D5.4)

6. Demonstration & Evaluation & Measure Objectives.


7. Standardization, Dissemination, Exploitation, 2nd life usage

Evaluation of international standards for lithium-ion batteries (D7.2)
Data Management Plan (summary D7.3)
OBELICS flyer (D7.4)
Optimization of OBELICS test procedures (D7.5)

8. Project management and administration

Risk Management Plan (summary D8.1)

B: (Peer reviewed) publications

Title: Online State of Health Estimation of Lithium-Ion Batteries Based on Improved Ampere-Count Method
Author(s): Locorotondo, E., Pugi, L., Berzi, L., Pierini, M., Pretto, A.
Kind of publication:

Proceedings – 2018 IEEE International Conference on Environment and Electrical Engineering and 2018 IEEE Industrial and Commercial Power Systems Europe, |(EEEIC/I and CPS Europe 2018 – 8493825.  <read more…>

Title: Online Identification of Thevenin Equivalent Circuit Model Parameters and Estimation State of Charge of Lithium-Ion Batteries
Author(s): Locorotondo, E., Pugi, L., Berzi, L., Pierini, M., Lutzemberger, G.
Kind of publication:

Proceedings – 2018 IEEE International Conference on Environment and Electrical Engineering and 2018 IEEE Industrial and Commercial Power Systems Europe, EEEIC/I and CPS Europe 2018, art. no. 8493924.  <read more…>

Title: Real time models of automotive mechatronics systems: Verifications on “toy models”
Author(s): Berzi, L., Favilli, T., Locorotondo, E., Pierini, M., & Pugi, L.
Kind of publication:

Article in Mechanisms and Machine Science, 68, pp. 141-148 <read more…>

Title: Quantitative FMEA and Functional Safety Metrics Evaluation in Bayesian Networks.
Authors(s): Nuffer, J. & Rauschenbach M.
Held on the European Safety and Reliability Conference <full text>

Title: Revealing the Thermodynamic Background of the Memory Effect in Phase Separating Cathode Materials
Authors: Klemen Zelic – Ivo Pacnik – Joze Moskon – Miran Gaberscek – Tomaz Katrasnik
Kind of publication: Journal of Mechanical Engineernig (issue 11-12 volume 65 (2019) pages 690-700

Title: Advanced Porous Electrode Modelling Framework Based on More Consistent Virtual Representation of the Electrode Topology
Authors: Igor Mele, Ivo Pačnik, Klemen Zelič, Jože Moškon and Tomaž Katrašnik
Kind of publication: Journal of The Electrochemical Society

Title: A Data-driven Approach for SoH Estimation of Lithium Batteries Using Signal Processing Techniques
Authors: Sahar Khaleghi
Kind of publication: presentaton at IEEE 3rd international electrical and energy conference

Title: Advanced Continuum Li-ion Battery Modelling Framework
Authors: Tomaž Katrašnik, Igor Mele, Klemen Zelic
Kind of publication: Conference paper, presented at the International Conference on Applied Energy 2019

Title: Nonlinear modeling of all-solid-state battery technology based on Hammerstein-Wiener systems
Authors: Yousef Firouz, Joeri Van Mierlo, Peter Van den Bossche
Kind or publication: presentation at the 2019 IEEE Electrical Power and Energy Conference

Title: Modeling and Identification of an Electric Vehicle Braking System: Thermal and Tribology Phenomena Assessment
Authors: Thomas D’hondt, Bart Forrier, Mathieu Sarrazin, Tommaso Favilli,
Luca Pugi, Lorenzo Berzi, Riccardo Viviani, Marco Pierini
Kind of publication: presentation at the WCX SAE World Congress Experience – abstract

Title: Scalable Electric-Motor-in-the-Loop Testing for Vehicle Powertrains
Authors: Thomas D’hondt, Yves Mollet, Arthur Jacques Joos, Leonardo Cecconi Mathieu Sarrazin and Johan Gyselinck
Kind of publication: presentation at the 17th International Conference on Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics

Title: In-Vehicle Identification of an Induction Machine Model for Operational Torque Prediction
Authors: Bart Forrier, Alexander Loth, Yves Mollet
Kind of publication: presentation at ICEM2020