OBELICS presented on 3rd European Conference on Results from Road Transport Research in H2020 projects

The European Green Vehicles Initiative is a contractual Public Private Partnership (cPPP) dedicated to delivering green vehicles and mobility system solutions of the future which match the major societal, environmental and economic challenges. Launch in 2013, as part of the “Smart, Green and Integrated Transport” challenge of Horizon 2020, EGVI has succeeded to the European Green Cars Initiative (2009-2013). The latter was created in an ad-hoc manner in the 7th Framework Programme, in response to the global economic crisis of 2008, and led to the joint funding of 113 collaborative research projects. Bringing together stakeholders from three different European Technology Platforms (ERTRAC, EPoSS and Smart Grids) gathered into the European Green Vehicles Initiative Association (EGVIA) and the involved European Commission services (DG RTD, DG MOVE, DG Connect), the European Green Vehicles Initiative is following a system approach to tackle the challenge of decarbonisation of road transport, and contribute to the transition to greener road transport, while boosting the innovative strength and competitiveness of the European economy.

During this event coordinator DI Horst Pfluegl presented the OBELICS project. Interested? Follow the link to his presentation