AVL List

AVL List GmbH  is the world’s largest privately owned company for development of powertrains (combustion engines, hybrid systems, electric drive) as well as simulation and test systems for passenger cars, trucks and marine engines. AVL has about 3450 employees in Graz (over 700 graduated engineers) and a global network of 45 representations and affiliates resulting in total 8050 employees worldwide.
AVL´s Powertrain Engineering division activities are focused on the research, design and development of various powertrains in the view of low fuel consumption, low emission, low noise and improved driveability. The Advanced Simulation Technologies division develops and markets the simulation methods which are necessary for the powertrain development work.
The Instrumentation and Test Systems division is an established manufacturer and provider of instruments and systems for powertrain and vehicle testing including diagnostic sensors, complete engine, powertrain and vehicle test beds.

In the past years AVL developed several prototype vehicles with advanced and alternative powertrains including various hybrid concepts, FC-electric vehicles etc. Latest success is the pure Range Extender Electric Vehicle, where the user has no limitations compared to “conventional” passenger car of same class. Since Framework Programme 3, AVL has been participating in more than 70 European RTD projects as partner as well as coordinator. This includes the coordination of the FP6 and F6 projects which support ERTRAC. AVL is leading partner in the IP HYSYS and Hi-CEPS. AVL is also member of the Joint Undertakings ARTEMIS (Embedded Electronic Systems) and New Energy World (Fuel Cells and Hydrogen). Further AVL coordinated the IP SILENCE, the CALM Network, and the FURORE Network as well as the FP7 CSA EAGAR.

Website: www.avl.com
Country: Austria