Renault Trucks

Renault Trucks SA is a medium and heavy-duty truck manufacturer (2.7-120t), present in over than 100 countries. It designs, manufactures and distributes commercial vehicles as well as providing services dedicated to these vehicles. Renault Trucks is part of AB Volvo Group and is the largest heavy duty truck manufacturer in France. Renault Trucks is a founding member of the LUTB Transport and Mobility cluster, which is a French cluster focused on sustainable urban transport solutions.

The work in the OBELICS project will be jointly performed by Renault Trucks SA (lead beneficiary) and Volvo technology (Third party). The main tasks for VOLVO in the project are:
– Coordination of work in WP6 …
– Specification of use case and requirement to support modeling and testing methods within OBELICS project
– Research methods, develop and prototype new simulation tools supporting i) high level virtual EV component integration  and  trade off process in earlier vehicle development process, ii) vehicle thermal management system design and optimization, control development and software functional verification
– Procurement of electric (or hybrid) vehicle to support model validation in representative vehicle operating conditions.

The Volvo Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses and construction equipment, drive systems for marine and industrial applications, and services. Founded in 1927, Volvo Group has approximately 101 000 employees today, production in 20 countries and sales activities in some 190 markets. 2012 the Volvo Groups’ operating income amounted to 17,6 BnSEK (approx. 2,0 Bn€).

Volvo Technology, founded 1969, is one of the legal entities within the Volvo Group organized under Group Trucks Technology, with its main office in Gothenburg (Sweden) and locations in France, United States, India, China and Japan. Volvo Technology is a Volvo Group advanced technology and research engineering entity, developing and integrating new product and business concepts and technology within the transport and vehicle industry. Primarily we work in the key technology areas; Transport Solutions & Services, Energy Conversion & Physics, Vehicle Technology & Safety, Electrical & Embedded Systems and within the area of Technology Strategy & Innovation.  We participate in national and international research projects in strategic areas, involving academia, research institutes, authorities and other stakeholders.  Through all European framework programs, Volvo Technology has participated in a large number of projects. Volvo Group is also active in working groups within organizations such as ERTRAC, EFFRA and EUCAR. Beside R&D, Volvo Technology offers also specialist services in the key expert function information retrieval and partly within materials. Volvo Technology has approximately 500 employees.

Country: France