Siemens Industry Software (France)

Siemens Industry Software SAS CAE1D division, formerly known as LMS Imagine prior to its acquisition in 2013, develops for over 20 years the Imagine.Lab Amesim multi-domain dynamic simulation solution. The Amesim solution is used by worldwide automotive OEMs and suppliers to predict the multidisciplinary performance, efficiency and emissions of their systems. The Amesim solution is made of a platform integrating multiple solvers, languages (bond-graph, MODELICA, state charts), coupling capabilities (FMI, S-functions, etc.), pre and post-processing tools, scripting tools, and large set of standard libraries counting over 5000 validated component models addressing multiple application domains. The Amesim research and development teams count over 100 engineers located in Lyon and Roanne, in France.

In the OBELICS project, Siemens will research and develop new models and tools allowing faster and more accurate modelling, virtual assessment and testing of next generation of electric vehicle. Siemens will especially focus on new models and tools for electric drive system analysis including inverter, battery and electric machine components, and system-level integration considering the most relevant elements for a given engineering issue to address. Siemens will demonstrate new tools and models capabilities applied to project’s use cases. Siemens aim at exploiting its results as part of the Amesim automotive solution commercial offer.

Siemens CAE1D division has a large and long lasting automotive experience as simulation software provider and services. The Amesim automotive libraries address all vehicle components and subsystems, including all the relevant components for hybrid and electric vehicles, addressing detailed modelling to vehicle synthesis as well as models for HiL systems. The main ambition of Siemens CAE1D is to achieve higher accuracy, flexibility and usability of critical EV powertrain component models and develop efficient way to correctly and easily evaluate EV integration and its critical impact on global performance and comfort.

Country: France